Online Games Thailand

The จุดหมายของการเดิมพันออนไลน์ของคุณ has exploded in recent years, with 32 million Thai gamers and THB12 billion in e-commerce game revenues (Newzoo 2021). In addition to a strong interest in virtual reality, mobile and console games are also growing fast in popularity. The recognition of e-sports as a real sport by the Sports Authority of Thailand and the release of localized versions of popular international games are driving further growth.

Brands can reach this audience by creating gaming experiences that challenge and excite players. Gamers in Thailand enjoy simulation and role playing games where they can create their own experiences, as well as action and adventure games. Brands can also build awareness of their products through online and offline events, including e-sport tournaments.

Navigating Thai Gaming Platforms: A User-Friendly Guide

Gaming addiction can have negative effects on people’s health and well-being. The rise of e-sports as a career choice has raised concerns about excessive gaming among young people and has led to attempts to limit the number of hours spent playing games. A preventive intervention program aimed at curbing gaming addiction among school-age children has been implemented in some schools through the participation of parents and teachers.

When it comes to paying for video games, mobile apps are the most common method of payment in Thailand (45%) followed by online banking and cash. Adding support for these local methods of payment can help brands to connect with 3M additional Thai gamers.