Brooklyn Dispensary Opens New York City’s First Legal Cannabis Store

A lot of New Yorkers have been waiting for a shopping experience that feels more like what they’re used to in states with legal cannabis. They’re finally getting it at Brooklyn Dispensary, which opened in a classic building in the city’s historic district on Atlantic Avenue.

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The layout of the store is both inviting and imaginative. Brooklyn Dispensary central seating, freestanding product displays and points of purchase without dividers encourage customers to get hands-on with their purchases. The incorporation of live and decorative plants on tables, walls and counters adds another level of interest. High ceilings and soft lighting help to create a comfortable, spacious feel, even during busy hours.

In addition to the retail shop, a separate space within the space will be used for training, research and development, as well as a meeting room and community workspace. The company also plans to hold cannabis education seminars and host local events and activities, aiming to become a cultural hub for the local community.

The city has not made any official statements regarding the operation of cannabis stores, though the sale and possession of recreational marijuana are currently illegal in Brooklyn Park. However, residents who are registered medical patients can consume cannabis on their private property as long as it is done responsibly.

On Monday, the state Office of Cannabis Management awarded three licenses for marijuana stores in Brooklyn. But only seven licensed shops are open statewide as of now, with three in Manhattan and one each in Queens and Schenectady and Ithaca.