Types of Playground Flooring

Playground Flooring

Playground Flooring is the surfacing that sits under playground equipment. It can vary in color and design, but it has one underlying goal – to protect kids from serious injuries that could occur when they fall from playground equipment. Because of this, a wide range of products exist that meet safety standards set by manufacturers and tested by experts to be safe for children at specific fall heights.Find out:https://www.playgroundflooring.org/

Safety First: Playground Flooring Options for Kids

These materials are usually loose-fill products like pea gravel, sand and engineered wood fiber (EWF), which don’t have any chemical binders. These products are a great option for budget-conscious projects that want to minimize upkeep and maintenance. These surfaces also don’t require frequent top-offs as some people might think, but it is important to regularly inspect these products to ensure that the material hasn’t shifted or settled.

There are a few different types of loose-fill playground surface products that are commonly used in the UK: