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This was my first time I attended a boot camp and was quite nervous but I was made to feel very welcome and the instructor was very friendly and encouraging. Felt great afterwards and felt I got a really good workout. Have already recommended to work colleagues and friends. Looking forward to going again. :-)

“Fitness has been an important part of my life for the past few years. Since I moved to London I needed a little motivation to continue my active routine. I signed up for Keep Fit Bootcamp and just going twice a week has improved my mood both physically and emotionally. No two classes are the same and the exercises are diverse for both cardio and strength.

“I attended my first keep fit boot camp yesterday. I have attended 2 other different boot camps in London and this is by far my favourite. I really enjoyed the class and I am looking forward to attending the rest. I found Neil to be really jovial and motivating and along with his music made the class really fun.

Really good way to kick start a spring health kick! We started (very unfit!) and because of the varied nature of the exercises and stop-start cardio it really works all muscle groups and the next day ache proves that it works! I feel fitter after 7 sessions and would recommend it to anyone. The instructors are great and push you hard without shouting!

“Keeping fit and enjoying the outdoor at the same time! I couldn’t ask for more. The bootcamps are very efficient and fun. It’s a very good way to stay motivated (much more interesting than going to the gym…)! I highly recommend it!


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