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Get the VIP treatment with the Personal Training services from Keep Fit Boot Camp.

Our Personal Training service is ideal for busy professionals or anyone who just wants that personal service to ensure they get a tailored made fitness and weight loss programmes.
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At Keep Fit Boot Camp, we can help you achieve specific goals, supporting and guiding you towards a healthier, fitter you.

Benefits of Personal Training include;

  • Weight lossMP900386339
  • Body shaping and muscle toning
  • Cardiovascular fitnes
  • Increasing energy, stamina, & endurance
  • Increasing sports performance
  • Increasing muscle strength, muscle endurance, and muscle flexibility
  • Improving coordination
  • Enhancing immunity
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Increasing libido
  • Added confidence when you look and feel better

Keep Fit Boot Camp personal trainer plans will be conducted at your home local park or our private exercise studio at International Student House opposite Great Portland Street station.

As part of the training plan your initial session will include a free 30 minute consultation where your trainer will take the following Body Stats

Body Fat Percentage and Fat Weight*
Lean Mass Percentage and Lean Mass *
Total Weight
Body Water Percentage and Total Body Water
Plus Normal Levels
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)*
BMR/Body Weight
Average Daily Calorie Requirement*
Body Mass Index – Plus Normal Range
With the stats we will review your goals and set targets and review at scheduled points during your training.

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‘I would highly recommend Will as a personal trainer – he is thorough and consistent, increasing your fitness and toning without making you dread your next training session.  I used to look forward to them!  I am so pleased with the changes that Will has helped me make to my body shape and most importantly I feel fit and energetic.  On my wedding day, I felt really good and had achieved exactly what I had set out to achieve when I first started my PT sessions with Will.’

Jim Boyd

“I wanted to thank you for your series of personal training sessions. They were great – I can’t believe how effective they have been over such a short period of time.

I particularly valued the holistic approach you took – re examining diet, sleep and fitness – when putting my programme together. As an overweight, pretty exhausted, out of condition, middle-aged Director – I was initially dreading being put through my paces. I needn’t have – it turned out to be great fun, really energising and massively professional!”


“Will provided personal training which I required to help me improve my running performance as well as treat some RSI injuries. The structured training sessions, based on my lifestyle and diet helped me build up my fitness and strength over a few months. This resulted in a much improved running time and a strong improvement in my RSI symptoms. Will was very patient, encouraging and focused on my needs during the sessions. This gave me much needed motivation. I would strongly advise him.”


“If you’re like me and, basically in order to get yourself exercising, you
need to pay someone to shout at you, call Will. You couldn’t possibly ask
for a nicer ‘shouter’. Will instinctively knows your level and keeps you
trying always just that little bit harder. He has an excellent style as a
fitness leader and is always coming up with new suggestions and routines. I
try, given the demands of work and hangovers, to fit in two ‘Will’ sessions
a week. I feel so much better for it.”