Mega Patches For Acne

Mega Patches

When blemishes emerge, slap on a skin-saving patch and you’ll be back in business in a matter of hours. The best acne patches contain hydrocolloid — the superstar, science-backed material that creates the optimal conditions for pimples to heal in – plus pore-clearing salicylic acid and soothing centella asiatica. The sticky side of the patch is dotted with dissolvable micro-darts that deliver these acne-fighting ingredients deep into your breakouts. You’ll also get the added bonus of calming and brightening niacinamide. The transparent outer layer is discreet enough to wear during the day.URL :

Our bestselling Power Patch is now available in a mega system, stocked with 96 patches! This powerful blend of Hydrocolloid, Vitamin A and Clove Oil dramatically reduces the size and appearance of blemishes. The patch is breathable and invisible, meaning you can wear it during the day.

Big and Bold: The Aesthetics of Mega Patches in Streetwear

We’ve reimagined the traditional multivitamin tablet into a patch, which delivers slow, steady amounts of nutrients over time to your body. This means they bypass the digestive tract, avoiding malabsorption and gut issues that can occur with oral supplements.

Depending on the brand you choose, you’ll get an array of benefits, from reducing vitamin deficiencies and boosting metabolism to aiding concentration and enhancing cellular health. Generally, they’re more effective than oral supplements in terms of nutrient bioavailability — and are especially useful for those with gastrointestinal difficulties like IBS or leaky gut.