How to Transform Empty Space For Rent

Whether Empty space for rent a tiny Lower East Side storefront or cavernous space in a glitzy Manhattan high-rise, commercial real estate is expensive and the pool of prospective tenants shallow. With a limited selection and large corporations’ glacial negotiating pace, unused commercial spaces in highly desirable areas often sit empty for years—at a loss to the city’s tax base.

What are the three common warehouse operations?

Two years after the pandemic left offices empty, experts predict that many will remain so as more workers continue to embrace remote work and shift away from in-person meetings. But that doesn’t mean office buildings are useless—in fact, some of them can be transformed into on-demand spaces for businesses in need of a quick meeting or workshop.

For example, photographers and artists require large, expansive spaces to set up equipment, host clients for consultations, and produce their work. And by tapping into the demand for those spaces, commercial property owners can help to make unused offices profitable again. Click through for a few examples of empty space for rent that have been turned into photoshoot venues, filming studios, and art galleries.