What exercises will I do at Bootcamp?

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Bodyweight Session  Plan for Keep Fit Boot Camp


45 minute indoor class, Prepared by Jason Taylor100000041_large


>>           Aim, demonstrate effectiveness of bodyweight exercises and introduce a circuit plan that can be conducted outside with no equipment.


Two exercises are offered, swap round on 2nd circuit. Short intervals can be introduced between each station, 15-25m jog or sprint. Increase to 3 circuits over time.


Core on the floor is programmed at the end to focus on quality abdominal, lower back, exercises moving into the cool down.


>>           Warm up – 6 minutes

Squat with arm raise, twist over knee, lunge back step, with hands in the air, shoulder rotation, knees to elbows, to kicks, high knees, heel flicks, toe flicks, 50pct, into boxing lunges.


10 station circuit, 2 times, duration 25 minutes

(60 seconds per station with 15 seconds transition)

  1. CV Battle Ropes, Skipping, Rowing Machine
  2. BW Bicycle Crunches, Crunches with Punches
  3. BW Wall Sit, Spiderman
  4. BW Side Plank, Plank w Shoulder tap
  5. CV High Knees, Spottie Dogs, Star Jumps

6  BW Press Up, Press Up with RotationBW Jumping Lunge, Double Lunge

  1. BW Push Up Plank, Plank Extension
  2. BW Squat and Calf Raise, Jumping Squat 10 BW Burpees, Mountain Climbers


Water break between circuits – 1 minute


>>           Core on the Floor – duration – 7 minutes

Russian Twist, Scissors, Heel taps, Hip Extension, Single leg Romanian Deadlift, Dead Bugs, Leg Extensions


Cool Down and Stretch – 6 minutes