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Target Zone Training


Optimise your workouts with heart rate monitor training sessions from Keep Fit Boot Camp at Great Portland Street. Push yourself to new limits, you never thought possible, with our Target Zone training, giving you a real insight into your fitness and your progress.

These intense and motivating classes allow you to compete against yourself and get the most out of your workouts, using the latest wearable heart rate technology.

A Visual Target

The Target Zone Training classes include a Mio Link Heart Rate Wristband for every participant, giving you accurate heart rate data throughout the session. This data appears on a screen, during the class, helping you track your progress and smash those fitness goals.

Heart rate training has five target zones, from very light, through moderate and hard, to maximum, helping you tailor your workout to meet your needs. Depending on your level and the focus of your training, each zone has different benefits and our Keep Fit Boot Camp trainers will be on hand to help you get make the most of every second of your class.




At the end of your workout, we send you an email summary of your data, with details of calories consumed during the session, as well as a visual chart of time spent in each training zone. This means you can plan your next workout and stay on target.

Target Zone classes from Keep Fit Boot Camp help you:

  • Train more efficiently and more effectively
  • Keep going by giving you a visual display of what’s happening and how hard you’re working
  • Pace your workout to reach your specific goals and match your ability
  • Take your advanced training to a new level of intensity
  • Train in the optimal fat burning zone or keep it light to recover from injury and illness


Book your Target Zone Training session today

All classes take place at our Great Portland Street location, offering state-of-the art training facilities.

Keepfitbootcamp Target Zone Training sessions will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:15-8ambook your first session here. 


Target Zone Training classes are included as part of all personal training packages and small group training sessions.  Take your training to the next level with Keep Fit Boot Camp’s Target Zone classes by clicking here.