Digital Menu Boards Boost Efficiency and Customer Experience in Quick Service Restaurants and Drive-Thrus

There are plenty of tools that boost efficiency and customer experience in quick service restaurants, drive-thrus, and cafes. But very few offer the unique combination of ease, accuracy, and impact offered by digital menu boards.

Digital menu board make it easy to change from breakfast to lunch to dinner, and eliminate out of stock items. With our intuitive cloud-based Venus Control Suite, it’s even easier to update pricing and promotions. Plus, you can display different menus at varying times of day and by day of the week.

Enticing visuals sell food best. Digital menu boards with vibrant high-definition displays let diners see their food in all its mouthwatering glory. Plus, you can add videos to subtly capture attention—the steam from a cup of coffee, the cheese melting in a sandwich—and make the menu more interactive.

Serving Innovation: The Impact of Digital Menu Boards on Modern Dining Experiences

You can also create a menu board that automatically changes based on the time of day, so you always have the latest, most accurate information at hand. Easily customize the look of your digital menus to suit your brand and interior design, and choose from a variety of screen layout templates that work on all screen sizes.

Digital signage helps you stay compliant with menu labeling laws, and enables you to clearly display nutritional information. In addition, digital menu boards make it easy to create and update specials for the current day and time. Plus, you can instantly change menus and promotions on demand, ensuring you’re always showing the right information for each audience.