A Summer Fitness Plan You Can Count On

A Summer Fitness Plan You Can Count On

Whether you’re a beach bum or a summer bride-to-be, Keep Fit Boot Camp’s hot summer deals will help you achieve your dream bikini body without breaking the bank. Sculpt your curves and shed those extra pounds with great summer packages available on all

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Target Zone Training

Target Zone Training

Optimise your workouts with heart rate monitor training sessions from Keep Fit Boot Camp at Great Portland Street. Push yourself to new limits, you never thought possible, with our Target Zone training, giving you a real insight into your fitness and your progress.

These intense and motivating classes allow

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New Target Zone Class

New Target Zone classes from Keepfitbootcamp 

As a way to optimize our one to one coaching, small group personal training sessions and selected group classes, Keepfitbootcamp will be providing heart rate monitors for you to wear during your workout. Heart rate training is proven to help you train more efficiently and

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Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell Training, fun, effective and functional movement – Going old school at GPS Keep Fit Boot camp – By Jason Taylor 

It can be more than a little overwhelming to enter a new gym or start a new class when there is so much choice of equipment, training systems and different

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Start running your life

Jason Taylor 24th April 2015, article for Keep Fit Boot Camp

Bodyweight cardiovascular exercise is often one of the key missing components in many training plans. BW CV can be anything from a stroll, jog to a run, or time out in the hills walking. You can decide the frequency,

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What exercises will I do at Bootcamp?

Bodyweight Session  Plan for Keep Fit Boot Camp


45 minute indoor class, Prepared by Jason Taylor


>>           Aim, demonstrate effectiveness of bodyweight exercises and introduce a circuit plan that can be conducted outside with no equipment.


Two exercises are offered, swap round on 2nd circuit. Short intervals can be introduced between each station,

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Top 5 Tips for Setting Goals

Becky A.

Trainer, Coach, Writer & Blogger

Over the past few years, there has been a shift away from the traditional goal setting and a definite move towards a more natural, gentle and intrinsic approach to achievement.  As someone who (although part of the fitness industry), often struggled with achieving my fitness

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Am I Fit Enough to Join In Bootcamp?

Bootcamps have grown in popularity in recent years, providing a great solution for those looking to get in shape in a quick and effective way.  However, a lot of people shy away from bootcamp believing it to be an activity for those who are already fit.  Today, we’re going to

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Corporate Fitness Programs: Are they worth it?

What is a corporate fitness program? It basically describes the programs, activities or other health and sports related options an employer offers to his employees. The purpose of these programs is to raise awareness considering health related problems, and to ensure an increase in fit and healthy employees.

Building a good

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